Warblington Cemetery

Volunteer Work

A group of volunteers has been working on the cemeteries in Havant performing tasks such as clearing brambles, recording grave stone inscriptions and hedgerow management in order to maintain the cemeteries. The volunteers have been careful not to over cultivate the areas so as to encourage wildflowers and grasses to grow , providing habitat for insects and wildlife to live in and therefore increasing biodiversity. Wildflower seed mixes have also been planted over the natural burial site in Warblington cemetery and grave inscriptions have been recorded to be given to the borough council and kept as an official record before the stones become completely illegible.

Information recording about these burials and the cemeteries themselves has been carried out by the volunteers for an exhibition at The Spring arts centre in Havant as part of the Havant Cemeteries Project managed by The Conservation Volunteers.

Whilst working in the Warblington extension cemetery, the Church Warden asked us if we would be able to help with some tidying up, so we spent one day, with a few of the Church members having a good clear through the Churchyard of St Thomas A’Beckett in Warblington.

 Warblington Church

This photograph of the south side of the church is taken from the  pathway, alongside which we cleared the large memorial with the cross, and just under the trees, a whole area of flat graves.  All of these had been completely covered with brambles.

 Warblington Cross

Warblington Flat Gravestones

 Warblington Bonfire

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