The Spring Art & Heritage Centre for help with local history and genealogy. The Spring has two genealogists/local historians, who can assist in research to discover more about your ancestors in the Havant area. They also have plans of the graves in the older parts of the New Lane Cemetery.

Havant Borough Council  The Council’s Cemeteries Service can help in locating graves, both in the newer part of New Lane and Warblington.


Genealogy Resources  A comprehensive guide on getting started in genealogy with links to useful resources.

Havant Cemeteries Project (The Conservation Volunteers)

Havant Nature  Nature around Portsmouth and Havant, wildlife news and pictures.

Local Wildlife News  Ralph Hollins carries out regular surveys of plants and wildlife in the cemeteries.

Friends of Emsworth Wildlife

A community web site (maintained by Brian Fellows) dedicated to the observation, recording and protection of the wildlife of the Emsworth area.

iSpot     Identify and report species.  Supported by The Open University.

International Organisations

Commonwealth War Graves Commission     Care for cemeteries and memorials at home and abroad.

War Graves Photographic Project     Aims to photograph every war grave and make photographs available within a searchable database.

National Organisations

Caring for God’s Acre is a national organisation, who, amongst other things, can offer advice on on restoring and conserving old headstones.

The Conservation Volunteers  Support for local conservation groups, also runs own projects.

The Woodland Trust  The UK’s leading woodland conservation charity.

The Tree Council    The UK’s lead charity for trees.

Hedgerow Harvest  Foraging, recipes and related information (a Tree Council project)

Hedgelink UK       Hedge Management.  A partnership of national organisations interested in hedgerows.

Hampshire Organisations

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust    Aims to ensure that the important wildlife of the local area is protected, manages nature reserves.

The Hampshire Ornithological Society  The county bird recording group.

Butterfly Conservation (Hampshire and Isle of Wight branch)  Owns nature reserves and organises conservation work parties for the benefit of butterflies, collects records for the butterflies and moths seen in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Hampshire Bat Group         Registered charity made up of volunteer members, aims to promote and support bat conservation in Hampshire and to raise public awareness of bats.

Hampshire Conservation Volunteers             Practical conservation work all over Hampshire.

Local Conservation Groups

Purbrook and Widley Area Residents’ Association (PAWARA) Environment Group

Johnston’s Coppice (Purbrook/Waterlooville)

This website is not up-to-date, but may be of interest.

Johnston’s Coppice is a Nature Reserve owned by Hampshire County Council.  A programme of volunteer work parties managed by The Conservation Volunteers commenced in January 2017.

Portsdown Conservation Volunteers           

Friends of Portsdown        

Havant Borough Tree Wardens      

The Friends of Park Wood (Cowplain)

Friends of Nore Barn Woods (Emsworth)

Brook Meadow Conservation Group (Emsworth)

The Friends of Holly Bank Woods (Emsworth)

Slipper Mill Pond Preservation Association (Emsworth)

Friends of LangstoneHarbour

Friends of Brockhampton Millstream


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