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Leaflet Holders

A second leaflet holder was installed this morning.  This one is near the Eastern Road entrance. The first leaflet holder is just inside the Dissenters’ section.  

Early Blossom

Holly Clearance

Our task for January was clearing holly from around an Irish yew tree.  Two well-established holly trees had grown close to the yew tree and berries had dropped and grown into a mass of smaller trees around the yew.  We … Continue reading

Gatepost Repaired

More Grass Raking

This morning’s drizzle did not stop the work party and four volunteers continued raking grass from the annual cut in the St Faith’s section.

Grass Raking in the St Faith’s Section

In October we raked up after the annual grass cut in the St Faith’s section where we saw this common frog. We have also been clearing scrub from under some of the trees. The rowan and holly trees are laden … Continue reading

£6,000 Needed for Cemetery Gateway Repairs

Last year a hit and run incident damaged the lovely flint boundary wall to the Havant Dissenters’ Cemetery in New Lane and extensive research by the United Reformed Church locally and elsewhere indicates that the wall, being outside of any … Continue reading

Plan your own guided walk in the cemeteries

If you missed the guided walks during the open day, there are lots of information sheets next to interesting graves and they will stay there for a while, so you can use them for your own walk.  You may need … Continue reading

Morris Dancing at The Spring

Wickham Morris performing at The Spring as part of the entertainment for the Friends of Havant Cemeteries Open Day.

New Information Boards Unveiled by Mayor of Havant