How to Locate a Grave

As a group, we have researched a number of graves in both the New Lane and Warblington cemeteries.  We do not, however, hold any comprehensive records ourselves although you may find the attached list of graves interesting.

The list shows grave numbers and names for burials from 1896 onwards in the newer section of Eastern Road Cemetery which is managed by Havant Borough Council.  The area nearest to Eastern Road, part of which is separated from the St Faith’s cemetery by a wall, is referred to as the western extension.  See map for clarification.

Grave numbers HV1996 onwards are in the western extension.

HBC Cemetery Grave List

Press Ctrl+F to display a search box at bottom left of the screen.  The grave list can be searched for first names or last name and part of a name is accepted.

If you are trying to locate the grave of a friend or relative, then we would recommend that you use the resources of The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre in East Street, Havant.  If you live locally, we would suggest you call in, preferably making an appointment beforehand. Alternatively, if you are out of the area, contact them by e-mail.



Another option, if you believe the grave you are looking for is in the cemetery at Warblington, is to contact Havant Borough Council either by telephone or e-mail or via their website.

Telephone: 023 9244 6425



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