Frequently Asked Questions


Q  Can anyone join?

A  Anyone can join our practical sessions although we do ask if you are under 16, please bring a parent or guardian with you.

Q  Do I need any particular skills to participate?

A  All that’s needed is a willingness to get involved.  No previous experience is needed, but obviously if you have skills which you think may be useful feel free to let the task leader know.  Otherwise, any skills required will be taught by the leader or others in the group.

Q  Do I need any specialised clothing?

A  Obviously it’s best to come in clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.  Depending on the weather, the layered approach is usually appropriate with waterproofs as top layer if necessary.  Long sleeves are a good idea.  Footwear should be a robust pair of boots or wellingtons if you want to get involved in the more physical activities.  A hat is also useful along with sun tan lotion. There will always be the gentler activity of litter picking if you’d like something less physical.

Q  How often do you meet?

A  We meet for practical tasks on the last Tuesday of each month (no task in December).

Q  How long are tasks?

A  We start at 10.00am and generally finish at 12.00 midday.

Q  What equipment do you provide?

A  We have a full set of tools which should be sufficient for any tasks we undertake.  We can supply gloves although you may wish to bring your own.  We will always bring a first aid kit.

Q  Do I need to join the Team ahead of a task?

A  You can just turn up to a task although it would be helpful if you could contact us beforehand.  Any groups of people intending to join a task should contact us first. On your first visit we will ask you for contact information, discuss your capabilities, relevant health issues, medicines taken and any skills or experience you would like to share with us. Note that it is important that you are up to date with tetanus jabs.

While COVID-19 restrictions apply, please contact us to book a place and ensure you receive confirmation before the task.

Q  Do I have to come out every month?

A  While this would be the most helpful, any time you can supply would be appreciated.  We understand that volunteers may have other commitments and it is not always possible to attend every task.

Q  Are you insured?

A  Yes, we are insured under the TCV Scheme for Conservation Groups (supplied by Zurich Insurance).

Q  How is the Group managed?

A  Friends of Havant Cemeteries has a committee which meets periodically to exchange information and agree a programme of tasks. Other members are welcome to attend.  We’re a democracy, so everyone can have a say.

updated 20.11.2020

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