Havant Birdwatch

Birds were counted at New Lane Cemetery on Saturday 28th January between 14.20 and 15.20 as part of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  In order to avoid double-counting, the numbers recorded are the maximum of a species seen at any one time, not the total seen during the hour.

Species seen:

Blackbird                     2

Chaffinch                     1

Dunnock                      1

Goldfinch                   12 *

Great Tit                      1

Greenfinch                  1

Magpie                         1

Robin                           1

Song Thrush               1

Wood Pigeon              4

* Might have been slightly more – difficult to count.

Other species, such as Green Woodpecker, have been seen in the cemetery at different times, but were not present during the hour recorded.

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